Alec and Brad by Holly Thomas

Alec [32] Brad [36]



Alec barges through Brad's door and makes his way into the living room. Alec stands clearly agitated.



Alec: Why did you call me here Brad?


Brad: I just wanted to check on you that's all.


(Alec sighs in irritation)


Alec: I don't need constant monitoring okay? I'm perfectly fine.


Brad: I'm not saying you do it's just-


Alec: Just what?


Brad: Well... You've not been yourself recently.


Alec: (Alec scoffs) What the hell does that mean?


Brad: You have to admit you've been acting differently since Amy-

(Brad abruptly stops)


Alec: Go on. Say it. Since Amy died... Okay come on then... Tell me how badly I've adapted to my new life... You know the one I've just found out my wife won't be living...


(Brad lowers his head)

Brad: I don't know... It's just... You've been enjoying the more tipsy side of life recently.


Alec: Wait a minute what are you trying to imply here?


Brad: Well you can't deny that you've been more prone to a drink recently.


Alec: So that makes me alcohol dependent does it?... I enjoy a frequent drink is that such a crime? You're no exemplar of sobriety yourself.


Brad: Hey I'm not saying that I am bu-


Alec: Exactly so why am I having to defend myself here? You're judging me on my simple fondness of the taste of vodka...


Brad: I know... But after what you've been through it wouldn't surprise me if you'd looked to alcohol for a sort of relief...


Alec: Seriously?


Brad: Look I know you're saying that you're coping and I know that you're trying to put on this brave face... But you can't deny what I see..


Alec: And what exactly is that?


Brad: A man in so much pain that he's in denial...


Alec: For God's sake! Look, I don't need some kind of AA counsellor that feels sorry for me.


Brad: (Direct tone) I'm not pitying you Alec, I'm trying to help you.


Alec: Yeah well don't! I don't need your help okay, I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

(Alec goes to walk away)


Brad: But you're not are you... Deep down you're not. That's why you keep trying to run away, why you keep denying the truth. Look I know you're hurting but-


(Alec stops and turns to face Brad)


Alec: But what? Huh? Finish that sentence because I'd love to hear it. (Brad remains silent) Go on you said you want to help... So tell me how do I stop feeling this gnawing pain... How do I stop hurting... (Long pause)


Brad: I don't know. I wish I did... But I don't.