Good Reads Update (first ratings of Take Two!)

Super excited to watch the first ratings and reviews for Take Two coming in to Good Reads.  Bit scary but so far so good! ?


Jim From YAYeahYeah rated it 5* and said:
"This was one of my most highly-anticipated contemporaries of the year - I really enjoyed the first WFC book - and it definitely didn't disappoint! As with the first in the series, it's a hilarious read with a fab main character. The excellent dialogue sets it above most of the other similar books in a crowded field (which includes lots of great reads!) while the extracts from a gossip site and emails from Elektra's agent were great touches."

Emma Carroll (one of our favourite authors - latest book the fab Strange Star) rated it 5* and said:
"A fantastic follow up to the first in the series. Despite the craziness of her life, I love how grounded Elektra is. (Actually, I love Moss too, and Mum, and Digby, and custard creams- all of which get a fair amount of air time.)There's something in this book for every reader- bits to make you laugh, bits to make you cry and plenty of life-affirming, upbeat moments that make it the perfect tonic. More please!"