Perdita and Honor

Honor5 copyHere's a little bit about us but we love meeting readers in real life and visiting schools so please do get in touch using the contact form!

Perdita Cargill: I used to be the least numerate tax barrister ever to practise in the English Courts. Frankly it was a relief all round when I hung up my gown & wig and turned (after a bit) to writing. I'm a bit of a wimp. On the upside I do like teenagers. Actually I like quite a lot of people.

Honor Cargill: I'm in my first year at Oxford University studying Classical Archaeology and Ancient History (niche...). I've done loads of acting mostly just school plays but a tiny bit of professional too and although I'm nothing like Elektra I feel her pain because her most humiliating moments are strangely similar to mine. Actually she has it easy not only was my first kiss on stage but it was in front of my parents and my headteacher. So naturally I decided to write about it so all you guys can mercilessly take the piss out of me too. Enjoy.


UnknownI (Honor) blogged about how I managed to write with my mum without bloodshed for the Guardian website. Weird? Torture? Fun? All is explained right here...  We'd love to hear your stories about collaborating with the people that parent you (even if - especially if - it sometimes doesn't all go to plan), message us on the contact form!


And I (Perdita) wrote about collaborating too.  This time for Hashtag Reads because it was Take Your Sons & Daughters to Work day and I was a bit worried that maybe we were an extreme case... I promise you we're not but check it out here.

Unknown-5(Honor) One of the useful things about collaborating was that there was someone there to add in the punctuation and correct my appalling spelling.   I'm dyslexic and honestly if you are the same don't ever think that that means you can't write down the stories you want to tell. I wrote about that here for Girlsheartbooks, check it out.


pc1And here's a little throwback piece we wrote for Author Allsorts...