The Fallout by Tess Marshallsay and Hannah Bryan

The Fallout


On a calm, summer’s day, Ella Moonstone walks home from school.


Ella: (Trips on curb and drops glasses… rubs head… annoyed) Ow! My mum will be fuming.


Alex:  Are these yours?


Ella:(Gazing up….stumbling over words) Hi... um… yeah,.. Thanks.


The next day….


Ella:(Walking to school,phone beeps, stops ,stares at her phone...confused) What? They can’t have. What have I done to upset them. They’re my friends. Well, I thought they were anyway. They’ve blocked me on Instagram!


Ella: (Confused and shocked, phone beeps again) It’s from Megan. I hate you? What? She can’t have said that! Megan wouldn’t do that. This can’t be happening.


Ella: (Phone beeps again...angrily) 13 is an unlucky number, just  like you are an unlucky person, good job I’m 14.. Megan again? It can’t be!



At school


Alex: (Happily) Hiya!Have you been revising? ‘Cause there is a big maths test today.


Ella:(Proudly, walking to lessons) Yeah, I know, I’ve been revising for ages, my Mum is so strict!


Alex: Good luck then! (Walks away)


After the test…


Ella: (Picks up her test paper and shows Alex) Alex, I got a…


Alex: (Confused) U?!


Ella: (Laughing, still not looking at paper) Oh Alex you’re so funny….


Alex: (Seriously,staring at her paper) No, I’m not joking


Ella: (Looks at her paper at stares in astonishment)(Puzzled and angry) I … I  can’t have. (Looks inside...raising her voice in surprise)  What?! Someone has rubbed out all my answers! Mum will be so cross. They have written ‘DUMBO! Ha Ha Loser!’ on the back. I am so telling.


Alex: (With a worried look on his face) No, you don’t want to be called a snitch.


Ella: (Gazing at Alex... Quietly)  Good point.


In the playground..


Alex:  (Lively) Hi! Have got another mean message from Megan about being 13?


Ella: (Confused) I never told you about that Alex…


Alex: (Murmurs to himself) Oh no ...


Ella: (Shocked,nearly in tears)  Alex? Did can’t have. No!


Alex: (Nervously) What did I do to you?


Ella: (Screaming frantically) What did you do?! You’ve been doing it all along, those mean messages, the test paper. Why did you do that to me?


Alex: ( Talking quickly)I just wanted to break up with Lauren but I wanted her to break up with me and I thought that if I was mean, then everyone would hate me and I  just chose you. (Pause) Sorry.


Ella: ( Anger burning up inside) Sorry?! Is that all, I hate you! You pretended it was Megan! You spoilt my test that  I had worked really hard on and you lost me all my friends. I trusted you…


Tess Marshallsay (10)  and Hannah Bryan (10)