This is where we want to put lots of useful stuff about writing - things we learned about writing and 'making' a book, book recommendations, links to writing sites, reviews and anything else that you mail us and suggest you'd like to see! 


There are so many great resources if you're want to get into writing.  Check these out:

And think about writing groups and courses too. The Arvon Foundation runs amazing courses for schools and young groups. Check them out on their website here. Definitely worth talking to your teachers and librarian about...





We're going to build a fab bookshelf of all Elektra's favourite books.  It's under construction right now (email us with your suggestions) but no question it's going to include the Ladybirds series by Jenny McLachlan; the IT Girl series by Katy Birchall; books by Sophia BennettKeris StaintonHolly Smale and of course Louise Rennison because her books are the laughiest (we wrote about it here)!


Our blogs on writing and reading


H: I blogged about reading and writing with dyslexia here - audiobooks are your FRIENDS! and don't forget about scripts, the format can make them really quick to read.

H: I've had to suffer a lot of set texts recently so I wrote about it  here. The good, the bad and the just plain creepy... and why the ending of Mansfield Park is just wrong..

P: we're at final edit stage for book 2 right now and I wrote about the fear & thrill of writing a sequel here. Eeeeeek...





images-16Recent Reviews


The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter-Hapgood

Strange Star by Emma Carroll




Interviews We recently interviewed Lygia Day Penaflor, not just about her role as an on-set tutor but also all about writing her debut novel the Unscripted Joss Byrd.