Why does life dump the imbeciles on me? by Samina Jalil

Sami (15) is alone in her room. She has just finished a pretty rough day at school.
Sami: Oh. My. Gosh. Why does life dump the imbeciles on me? Give me a break!
Come on, you need to appreciate what you have!
Shut it, Pixel! I don't need you on top of this all!
But you need to value life, not curse it!
Value? Value? How do I possibly see the value in life? I've been born into a vexatious family, and when I retreat to school I always mess everything up! You want me to value life? Nothing in existence has value!
Now you're just being spoilt. Destruction, disease, death: you're lucky that these little fellas haven't come your way yet. You're one of the lucky people in billions to have a roof over your head in a safe country, and a free education and free health services and freedom to sexuality and gender and race and all those things you just walk by in life and completely forget about, when people before you have fought so hard to give you those rights! Should we just let the Suffragettes, and Mandela, and Malala’s hard work go to waste? Lives were given, lives. Lives aren’t toys! Sacrifice always means something, and these sacrifices of lives were extremely meaningful. Stop complaining, Sami, because-
Lalala, not listening! This world is a giant's stride away from freedom and equality. Try steering away from these minor positives and consider the negatives: sexism, abuse, body image, the whole lot! Despite the little more equality given to us, we still have a huge deal of problems that could easily be solved - yet our generation is too blind to act. People are still being bullied and pressured into following trends and being thin and taking drugs and strutting around half naked and rebelling and disrespecting because it's "cool". And then we have sexist remarks that have been embedded into our language. “You run like a girl!” “You act like a girl!” Have you noticed that I am a girl? And besides, what exactly is a “girl”? Maybe you should think before you go ranting to me about being grateful for a "valuable" life; these are just a few things wrong with this dystopia. Believe me, I'd love to be Katniss or Beatrice! They seem to have much better lives than me!

I give up.